Dogon: "The Return of the Original Visitors"

The Dogon people in Western Africa attribute their acquisition of knowledge to the Nommos, divine supernatural visitors to the Earth who come from the Stars. The Nommos, also known as 'Masters of Water', the 'Monitors' and the 'Teachers', passed on Star knowledge to the Ancestors of the Dogon. According the prophecies of the Dogon, these Original Visitors will return to Earth from their place in the heavens in the form of a blue star. When they do, it will be called the "Day of the Fish". The first indication of their return will be that a new star, "the star of the tenth moon", will appear in the sky.

The Legend of the Nommo

According to the Dogon, the Universe is considered 'Amma's Egg'. Amma, 'He Who Rests Upon Nothing', is the sky god and creator of the universe. Within his egg, Amma began spinning around, forming the po seed (the Black Hole at the Galactic Core). The po is 'the smallest [heaviest and densest] thing that was made invisible, at the center'.

Amma then placed seven 'words' in the po, which began to vibrate strongly within the seed. The spiralling vibrations caused four clavicles to grow forth from the po. Suddenly, the Po burst forth, and eight new seeds were created. Amma planted these seeds in his egg near the clavicles of the Po. With these eight seeds, Amma intended to create eight celestial beings - four male and four female. The Dogon call these beings the Nommo Anagonno, best translated as 'The Word (Nommo) that Became the Fish-Man' (Anagonno).

These eight beings were going to be Amma's perfect creation. As sister and brother yet husband and wife, the four fish-twins were going to make each other fertile, complete, and blessed with heavenly happiness and fulfilment. However, one of the male twins – Ogo - grew impatient as he waited for his female twin to gestate. Ogo decided to rebel from Amma. He jumped out of his celestial womb and stole parts of his own placenta. He then began creating and pro-creating with his own placenta in an attempt to re-create his own little world. His stolen placenta became impure, and his actions greatly threw off the divine order Amma had intended. The Dogon say that our Sun - whom they call Nay - is the stolen placenta, and that planet Earth is the rebel-world established by Ogo.

To re-establish order and purify creation of Ogo's transgression, Amma decided to sacrifice one of the completed Nommo twins - Nommo Semi. Nommo Semi was composed of both a male and female Nommo Anagonno, and was a complete and perfect Being onto itself. Amma lifted Nommo Semi out of the celestial waters and tied the androgynous fish to the Kilena (Mother of charcoal) tree. In one swift cut, Amma sliced the umbilical cord and genitals of Nommo Semi. The sacrificed Nommo's blood and life force - nyama - emptied from its naval and groin. Semi died a suffering and painful death. The Dogon say that Sirius 'A' - the visible star of Sirius whom the Dogon call Sigi Tolo - is the celestial embodiment of the sacrifice.

Amma then took the nyama of the sacrificed Nommo and dripped it on the former placenta of the celestial fish (the Sirius system) and the stolen placenta of its brother Ogo (our Sun, Nay). Amma's goal was to purify his creation from the transgressions of Ogo. It required him taking a pure and perfected being (Nommo Semi) and sacrificing it. Amma intended for the spirit of Nommo Semi to heal Ogo's torn placenta and become one with the Impure Earth Ogo created. When Amma sprinkled the sacrificed nyama, it did several things:

It caused the resurrection of the sacrificed Nommo. When Nommo Semi's nyama dripped on its former placenta, it caused it to be reborn. Its re-birth however, multiplied Semi's forms and transformed its nature. Nommo Semi resurrected in three simultaneous forms:

1. Kora Na - The Great Ark of Pure Earth, the force that Amma intended to carry humanity and the seeds (po) of agriculture to the 'Impure Earth'. The Kora-Na is depicted as a step-pyramid with an antennae-looking rod at the apex.

2. O Nommo - 'Nommo of the Pond', the purifying force of fresh water on Earth.

3. Unum - The once androgynous Nommo Semi now manifested as the eight original ancestors of Humanity - four males and four females. The male and female souls of Nommo Semi now had their own separate forms. They were paired in four couples united in the image of the original eight Nommo.

The sacrificial Nyama prepared the heavens for the Kora-Na to travel from the Sirius System to Planet Earth. The Kora-Na travelled from Sirius to our planet Earth on the sprinkles of Nyama. It carried as its occupants the Unum of Humanity and the seeds of eight celestial grains. Also, the shape, design, and proportions of the Ark express all of the principles and science humanity would need for the reorganization and atonement of Ogo's earth.

The Sirius System became the Ever-Living Placenta of the Resurrected Nommo. Even though the Kora-Na, O Nommo, and the Unum were going to travel to 'The Impure Earth' of Ogo, they were to forever remain connected to a lifeline that connected them straight to Amma's womb. This ever-living placenta is the Sirius system, and as long as the connection with Sirius was maintained, the Resurrected Nommo would never die. The Sirius system floods the Impure Earth with rejuvenating and nourishing Nyama every sixty years, at which time the Dogon perform the Sigui ceremony to reaffirm the Earth-Sirius connection.

The sacrificial Nyama created parallel structures in celestial sphere and on Ogo's earth. In heaven, it reorganised space and the cycles of time in our solar system. It also synchronised our system's cycles with the cycles of the Sirius system. The Sirius System and this planetary system thus became twin placentas of a pair of the 8 ancestral Nommo.

On earth, it organised human culture and set the order for human interaction. This is the celestial foundation of the Earthly sciences of astrology, astronomy, and agriculture.

Lastly, the sacrificial Nyama set the stage for the day of total purification and renewal for planet Earth. This day is called 'Izubay Minne' - "Earth of the Day of the Fish", which occurs when "the fish is sacrificed" and "His blood falls to Earth as cords of rain". One day during the transition of these ages, Taba Tolo - the reuniting of the two placentas - will occur. Taba Tolo is when the Sun and Sirius come together in a grand conjunction. The Dogon depict Taba Tolo as the day a strong purifying stream of Nyama will pour down on the Sun and Earth from Sirius. This stream will wash away the corrupt order of Ogo and immortalize the sons and daughters of the Nommo.

Ogo's self-willed actions really threw off the universal balance Amma had intended. Beyond creating the principle and act of theft, when Ogo took his own placenta and recreated his own world, it amounted to an act of incest. Amma felt that Ogo must be stopped from creating more chaos, as well as punished for his misdeeds.

Amma ordered one of the other Nommo - Nommo Titeyanye - to punish Ogo. Nommo Titeyanye smashed Ogo's genitalia, making him infertile. Ogo fled from the heavens down to Earth. Once on Earth, Amma wanted to bind Ogo to this planet so that he could not disrupt the celestial order anymore. He transformed Ogo, who up until this point was in the form of an amphibious Reptilian, into Yurugu, the Pale Fox. 

Once on Earth, the Pale Fox Yurugu continued his disruptive and chaotic behaviours. He attempted to create an artificial world outside of the divine order of Amma. That was what he was doing when the Ark Kora Na landed upon Earth. When it landed, the force of impact almost killed Yurugu, but he survived by fleeing underground. The impact of the landing threw the moon into the sky, which is part Kora-Na/Part Earth.

Out of the Kora Na emerged the eight ancestors of humanity. They came forth with eight grains, including millet, black rice, chickpea, and sorghum. Their mission is to cultivate the land and grow the celestial grains so that everyone could live in abundance. They were also supposed to reproduce and spread throughout the world bringing the spiritual technologies contained within the Kora-Na with them. The eight ancestors and their offspring were charged with conducting important ceremonies such as the Sigui ceremony. The Sigui is performed every 60 years when the planets Jupiter and Saturn are aligned. The Sigui re-establishes the bond of the Fish-people who sacrificed their divine self to their homeland across the waters - Sirius. The ultimate purpose the Dogon say they have is to maintain this extra-terrestrial connection by establishing sacred sites and celestial granaries throughout the world in an effort to prepare Earth for Izubay Minne 'The Day of the Earth of the Fish'. When the Earth and Sirius align, the great conjunction, Taba Tolo - The re-uniting of the Twin Placentas -is going to occur.

At this time, a sacred, purifying energy force described as a ‘stream’ or ‘electric light’ from Sirius, known as the ‘Reorganiser of the World’ will cascade down upon the Earth and bring about a new order in the world. For the sons and daughters of the Nommo who are harmoniously in tune with the heavens and earth, this energy will nourish their mind, body and spirit. However, the stream will wash away the corrupt order of Ogo, those who are not in tune with the divine order established by Amma. This cosmic radiation will be like brimstone and fire falling from the sky, burning up the wicked and unrighteous. There will be nowhere to run or hide.


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