Hopi: "The Great Purification and the Third Great Shaking" (Part 5 of 5)

Continued from Part 4...

It was Woodrow Bill's son that made this hoop that I brought here today, my good brother Randolf Bill. They asked Watson Totus and Woodrow Bill as spiritual people of the Yakuma nation, "What does this mean?" What they said was so profound that they didn't put it on page 16, they put it on the front page of the Seattle Times.

They said, "This means that the races and nations of the earth should slow down and come together and talk to each other. "That's exactly what it meant. And we had four years and four days to do that. Four years and four days later, Mt. Saint Helens erupted the second time. That was last spring, just about this time. That was our grace period. We could have still done something really good. But now things are going to speed up. Now things are going to really happen fast. Time is going to go so fast. The more we share the Message, the more we will cushion the Third Shaking of the Earth, and the easier it will be on ourselves and others.

A good friend of mine in Montana, his grandmother just passed away last year. The last thing she said to him was make a place for yourself in the mountains because the air will become so hot down here where they were at on the reservation. It'll be hard to breath. And it won't be long. It's the last thing she told her grandson when she was passing. Go in the mountains and make a place for yourself. There're some things there you can survive with. People are going to run to the mountains to survive. And the native people must be ready for this.

I know Eugene is going to speak and I wanted to speak a little bit longer. He said something that profoundly affected me several years ago at the last gathering about how important it is for native people to get ready because it's not going to be long. And there going to turn to the native people. And they are going to turn to the local spiritual assemblies. I know there's a lot of local spiritual assemblies that don't meet. And they think, oh we really don't have that much business. But it's not going to be long. The earth is going to turn to you. Black Elk I believe foresaw this and he said there will be a hoop of many hoops that will circle the world.

So this is that time. We are now within the purification of all things. Non-Natives call this the "Apocalypse". The Native elders call this the "Purification".

I want to share one non-native prophecy with you. There was a prophet, a seer, not a prophet, but a seer in Europe. His name was Nostradamus. I'm sure many of you have heard of him. He foresaw 3 great shakings of the earth. He said the third shaking would begin when lesser Arabia and Persia engage in a war. Five years ago when Mount St. Helens went off, Iraq attacked Iran. Lesser Arabia today is called Iraq. Persia is called Iran. These two prophecies coincide. Both the native elders and Nostradamus said this will start slowly, almost unnoticed by the people of the earth, but it will eventually involve us all. Eventually the gourd of ashes will fall from the sky so much that the river that runs through the center of this turtle island, the Mississippi river will boil from the heat of the gourds of ashes that will fall on this land.

But don't despair. It sounds terrible, but we will survive it. We will live through it. I don't think there's anyone chosen to live through it, but some people will.

So, in closing I would like to call on each and every person, regardless of who you are, young or old, Native or non-Native, to arise now, and to awake, to embrace this time, to learn everything you can about the Teachings and the Writings, to arise and awake and go forth, all the peoples of the earth.

You're going to find them. Peoples everywhere are now receptive to the Message. This year is the year when that is really going to start, I believe, myself. Arise and awake. That's a phrase from the Dama Pada of Buddha. It is time to arise and awake. Go forth and teach. Walk the world. We call it the good red road. The road that runs north to south. Things will be lost from south to north but come back from north to south. There’s people out there waiting to hear, waiting to hear... waiting to hear...


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