Maori: "Ka hinga te arai - The curtain will fall"

The Elders of the Maori people of New Zealand speak of a time when there will be the reunification of the primordial partners Rangi (Father Sky) and Papa (Mother Earth).

This follows from the ancient Maori creation legend in which Rangi and Papa were locked together in a tight embrace. From their union came six male children who lived, cramped and squashed, between their parents. As the children grew, they contemplated what it would be like to live in the light. After a meeting of the God Children it was decided that Tane, the God of the forests and the birds, would push their parents apart. He succeeded in doing this and went on to create Humankind.

The Maori Elders state that there will be a time when the children of Tane are so distracted by fighting, greed and lust and so separated from our original parents, Rangi and Papa, that we will lose our connection and understanding of the natural order of things. At this time, Rangi and Papa will take the opportunity to come back together and destroy everything in the process.

The Elders’ prophecy says that in 2012 an event called the ‘Ka hinga te aria’ will occur which translates to the ‘fall (hinga) of the curtain/veil (aria). The falling of the curtain will allow the world of humans and other physical entities to merge with the world of spirits and Deities.

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