Mayan: "The Incarnated Masters"

Hunbatz Men is a respected Mayan Elder, Day Keeper and an authority on the history, rituals, art, ancient healing techniques, and chronology and calendar systems of Mayan civilization.

The Daykeeper, in the tradition of the Maya, is the recipient of knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation - through centuries of time. It is an oral tradition that implies a lifetime of learning. From the time of his birth, Elder Hunbatz Men was chosen and taught by his uncle don Beto, the Daykeeper who preceded him.

In the article that follows, Elder Hunbatz Men speaks of the return of the Incarnated Masters from across the world whose job it will be to pass on the Original Teachings of the Ancestors in the 'New Time'.

Initiation in the Mayan Consciousness

"It has been prophesied that the initiates shall return to the sacred Mayan lands to continue the labor of the Great Spirit. Here in the Mayan lands, the Great Wisdom emerged from its cycle of light and lit humankind for several millenniums. This wisdom was previously placed here by the Maya-Atlantis Itza Masters in order to light the human beings forever.

Now, in these days the incarnated masters will come back to the lands of the Mayab to make contact with the great Itza spirits so they can indicate together the new initiation, which will be taught to all human beings for them to practice. The great masters, together with the great spirits, will become a unique being, and they will be able to travel as the wind itself to fall down like the rain does, to heat like the fire does, and most importantly, to impart sacred knowledge.

The masters will arrive here from many different places. Among them there will be many differences, there will be masters of different skin colors, some of them will speak of topics very difficult to understand, some will be very old, others will be not so old, some will dance, and others will be still like rocks. But, it will be the gazes of these masters that will communicate the initiatic message to be followed in the New Time.

It has also been prophesied that this initiation will be only for the future initiates in the cosmic wisdom. Many people will come, some of them will be very young, and others will not be so young. Among these people, there will also be adult men and women who will have already understood that this modern civilization is not properly fulfilling its task of educating people with responsibility, because as it is already known by everybody, this modern civilization is provoking a big lag in people's cosmic spiritual development.

The Mayan ceremonial centers have started emanating the light of the New Time. Many of these cosmic Mayan ceremonial centers have already started emitting their solar reflex that is a call for the initiates who will come to continue the labor of the Great Spirit. In many of these centers, people will see the solar priests walking among the crowds of tourists for the first time. These tourists will be touched by the solar priests in order to be initiated in the cosmic wisdom.

The Mayan Masters will start manifesting themselves in the trees, the sun, the moon, and the stars. They will also be manifesting themselves in the houses to indicate to the families that the new time to continue the cosmic Initiatic work has reached us. Many people will not understand this since it will happen when they will be sleeping, sleepy, or lose the notion of time for a few seconds. Everything will change in this New Time including human genetics that will be moved by the sacred energy of the Father Sun and its seven cosmic brothers to help elevate human consciousness.

Altogether, when the sacred energies of the masters and initiates are performing the ceremonies in the sacred Mayan centers, then the gods, who are in the stars, will peer and bless their sons and daughters who have returned again to continue the cosmic, spiritual labor of the New Time. These gods from the stars will announce in all directions of the four cardinal points the good news of the new beginning of the Cosmic Human Being.

These gods from the stars will call the masters of the day, of the night, and those beyond and ask the, once again, to take a glance over the humanity and help them have a good awakening within the solar light. These gods will also peer inside the human bodies and ask the heart to beat rhythmically according to the rhythm of the universe. They will ask the stomach to only accept natural food, and they will ask the head to stop believing in this false, modern society.

Then, when both masters and initiates agree to all this, the spirits will manifest in different forms. The eagle as well as the serpent and the jaguar will show us what they know about our ancestors. Then, the sacred tree will illuminate us with all its wisdom. All of these beings will transmit to us information about our Mayan ancestors. This will be the moment when a grand ritual of the cosmic conjugation between the human and all the other living beings will take place."


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