Mayan: "The Return of the Wise Ones and the Uniting of the Eagle and the Condor"

Don Alejandro Perez Oxlaj, whose Mayan name is Wakatel Utiw, Wandering Wolf, is the 13th generation in a lineage of Mayan Medicine People. He received his sacred bundle at the age of 13. He is president of the National Mayan Council of Elders of Guatemala, a body of 440 men and women elders of wisdom who represent 23 Mayan ethnic groups of Guatemala. He was instrumental in creating the reunion of Indigenous Elders and Priests of Americas and is known as the Grand Elder of the Americas. Don Alejandro holds the wisdom of the Mayan Cosmology and travels the world sharing the Mayan prophecies on the major earth changes coming in this millennium.

The following is taken from a speech Don Alejandro gave originally in Santa Fe, New Mexico in September and adapted for his visit to the UK:

"Heart of heaven, heart of the earth, heart of the air, heart of the water 
Tepeu, Kukumatz, Quetzalcoati, Kukulcan, 
Balam Kitze, Balam Akab', Majacutaj, Iq Balam 
Thank you, Father, for having given us life, 
bless us all, those who are here on Earth 
Thank you, Father, bless our people, our mountains, our rivers, 
our lakes, all that we are, thank you, Father. 

"Honourable Elders, beloved people, you who hear me, I bring this message, and also a greeting to all who hear this voice, here is Wakatel Utiw, Wandering Wolf, the voice of the forest, and the messenger of the Maya, who has shared with the seven races that cover the planet Earth. I have come in fulfillment of the prophecies, that we may all walk together, no group shall be left behind. I am here in fulfillment of this prophecy, carrying this message to all that hear me and to all who love the Earth, to all who love peace, and who love themselves. 

"We are all living beings. A tree is a life and it is an elder, the same as a human being. A plant, while it is green, is a life. The smallest animal is a life that is part of the life of human beings. The rocks have spirit. The volcanoes and mountains have spirit. The rivers, oceans, and lakes have spirit. They are all children of the Father. This is why I have come. I am the voice of the forest, the messenger of the Maya. I come to invite you to defend our Mother Earth and see that we continue to love the beauty of this great woman. We are millions and millions of human beings and we are destroying her. We are mistreating her. We are denuding and polluting her. When the Mother Earth is no longer suitable our life will be worthless. We are creating our own misfortune, our own death. 

"The Mayan Prophecies tell us it is time to awaken, time for the dawn, so that the people will have peace and will be happy. The Mayan Prophecies also tell us, from so much walking, so much seeking, that what we are seeking, what we have to find, at last we have found it. We are here on Earth, where we want to be. This time has come: 13 Baktun 13 A'jau, the return of the grandparents, the return of the wise ones to the measure of time. We are observing the control of time. The time has come. May the people awaken. May they arise. May we all walk together without distinction of race, color or creed, rich or poor, black or white, indigineous or non-indigineous, people and government, to build a country full of peace, love, tranquility and prosperity. 

"This is the message of the Wandering Wolf, who has travelled throughout the Americas and who walks. Walks without money but the Father knows what he is doing with me. I do not know where I am going. I do not know where I shall stay. I do not know if we shall ever see each other again or not but I will leave this message wherever I go. I leave it in the mind. I leave it in the heart. I leave it in each breast, in each soul of my brothers and sisters where I have been. Leaving this message in the minds of each one of you. Cultivate it. Practice it. This is not bought or sold, it is a thing that we have to do ourselves. We cannot wait for someone else to do it. 

"There have always been destroyers. They destroy peace. They destroy the environment. They destroy the beauty of Mother Earth. They pollute space. Scientists say we have even ruptured the balance of the Ozone layer but let us rebuild and plant more trees. We do not have much time or life left. We have only 14 years until the year Zero. After the year Zero there shall be peace. There will be peace even if there are no survivors. Of course there will be peace. We need to cultivate peace. Let us love one another. Let us defend the Earth, our Mother, and respect our Father. His sacred mandate is among us. 

"We are the ones who have forgotten. We have forsaken. We have gone down a path that is not ours. The false preachings of false religions are destroying our own. Each people in America has its own language, its own culture. What is ours is ours. We have no need to take from another. I am Mayan. I am travelling through this land but I don't come to convert you into Mayans. I come to tell you let us defend the Mother Earth. Defend our life and the lives of our children. You in your language. You in your tradition. You in your way of praying and making your offering. Making your payment to the Father so that there may be peace, there may be love. 

"You and I may meet again in another dimension after the year Zero. The year Zero is the word of the Maya. On March 31, 2013 the sun will be hidden for a period of 60-70 hours and this is when we shall enter the period of the Fifth Sun. Then will you realize that what the Mayans speak are facts and not false preachings. We are not saying that the world will end in 2000. There are false ones who say these things to frighten and threaten the world without awakening. But the Mayan priests and astronomers know what is happening and see what shall happen in the future. This is my only message. I do not come to intimidate you. I come to say that we should love one another. Let us walk together. We are all children and we pray that our Father be with us. Thank you."

The Uniting of the Eagle and the Condor

The following is taken a transcript of an excerpt from the documentary 'The Shift of the Ages' with Elder Don Alejandro in which he speaks of the New Age symbolised by the uniting of the 'Eagle of the North and Condor of the South'.

"“What I see in the world today as a Mayan, and like any other indigenous person in the world, I see our planet cover in a veil of sadness. This is why we are interested in doing this documentary so that through you, who are carrying out message, our concerns can reach the entire world. Because today the world is divided. Some people say that they don’t care because they are going to heaven while other are interested in exploiting nature and converting it to money. None of this to the military all they care about is conquering the world. They never thing about who is dying they never thing about who they are killing. What they are interested in is their own grandeur to wage war, to kill people. I want to say something my brother, that does not concern us so much. Everything has its time. all of that will fall to the ground soon enough. Those who are now, tomorrow will not be. Those who are happy today will weep tomorrow and those who weep will find solutions tomorrow. Our main interest is to stop pollution and contamination so that there can be life for all beings on Earth.

"Dear friends, all things are written, in the prophecies of the eternal Mayans. The prophecy of the Mayas and of the Hopis is the same; “Those of the centre, listen my brothers, listen to me, those of the centre will unite the Eagle of the North with the Condor of the South. We will reunite our brothers because we are one like the finger of the hand. We are one brothers. Rich and poor. Black and white. Indigenous and non-indigenous. We are one on the face of the earth.

"How would I describe the Mayans? I am not a stranger to the Mayans, I am Maya. I cannot live with my tortilla in my plate. I cannot live without my tarnales. I cannot live without my sacred corn. Because this is my body, my blood. Like many of you already know, my western name is Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj but my Maya name is “Wakatel Utiw” Wandering Wolf. My destiny is to be here with you. How unusual it is that this servant of yours those who are seeing me now, those who will see me on the screen. I never had a single day in school. Life took me and dragged me through different parts of the world. Walking only where I recognised love, through neglect, exhaustion, hunger, thirst, loneliness. I have experience all this in life. My dear people, if you can hear or see me on the screen of this film. Let’s do it. Let’s carry this voice to the world. Let’s not destroy Mother Earth. Let’s enjoy her beauty. Let’s enjoy her wonder. How beautiful she is when the winter comes or when she is covered in roses, covered with flowers, always green.

"A thousands thank you’s to our ancestors, give us peace. Give us love. Give us understanding. We are all brothers and sisters. We are one."

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