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Amazon tribe massacre alleged in Venezuela

NEWS source: | 30 August 2012

Village of 80 people was firebombed from the air, say activists, by illegal gold miners based in neighbouring Brazil

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Rare white bison's birth celebrated by Native Americans in Connecticut

NEWS source: | 29 July 2012

The 'miracle' animal, as rare as one in 10 million, is heralded as a sacred event by north-east tribes who gathered in celebration

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New Amazon highway 'would put Peru's last lost tribes at risk'

NEWS source: | 1 July 2012

Eco-campaigners clash with developers over plan to build 125-mile road through rainforest

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Venezuela's indigenous university

News source: | 19 May 2012

The institution, located in 5,000 acres of forestland, teaches ancient wisdom and rights in the modern world.

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Saving the native tongues of Australia

News source: | 17 Apr 2012

In Australia, only a handful of hundreds of indigenous languages have managed to survive following decades of European colonisation that heavily suppressed the native ways of life.

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Indigenous resistance is the new 'terrorism'

NEWS SOURCE: | 10 Jul 2011

In Ecuador, protesting for the rights of the Earth and trying to preserve natural resources may make you a "terrorist".

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Bolivia enshrines natural world's rights with equal status for Mother Earth


Law of Mother Earth expected to prompt radical new conservation and social measures in South American nation

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'Climate change is extremely dangerous for all of us'


Shaman Davi Yanomami talks about the threat posed to South American Indians by loggers, miners and climate change

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Tribal survival: the Dongria Kondh


Indian tribe the Dongria Kondh face destruction of their lands and extinction at the hands of British mining giant Vedanta Resources

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