Pueblo: "The Fifth World and the Cleansing of the Earth"

The Pueblo Indians from northern New Mexico say that the Fifth World will start in December 2012, marking a transition into a new era. They also say that the "Cleansing of Earth" is currently occurring and began in June 1998.

Speaking Wind, an Elder in the Pueblo Peoples says: "Everything living will undergo a purge in December of 2012. If mankind will not willingly let go of the illusions and lies, they will be stripped away at this time.”

Patricio Dominguez of the Pueblo de Las Cruces, New Mexico, says:

“The Ancestors said that... there would come a time when the Earth would become very sick. Because of this unrelenting greed of the new culture, the Earth would be filled with deadly liquids and metals, the air would be rendered foul with smoke and ash, and even the rains, which were intended to cleanse the Earth, would plummet in poison drops. Birds would fall from the sky, fish would turn belly up in the waters and whole forests would begin to die.

“When these things begin to happen, the Indian people would be all but helpless. But then a new light would come from the east, and the Indians would begin to find their strength, their pride and their wisdom. The legend said they would also be joined by many of their light-skinned brothers and sisters, who would in fact be the reincarnate souls of the Indians who were killed or enslaved by the first light-skinned settlers. It was said that the dead souls of these first people would return in bodies of all different colours: red, white, yellow and black. Together and united, like the colours of the rainbow, these people would teach all of the peoples of the world how to have love and reverence for Mother Earth, of whose very stuff we human beings are also made.

“Under the symbol of the rainbow, all of the races and all of the religions of the world would band together to spread the great wisdom of living in harmony with each other and with all the creations of the Earth. Those who taught this way would come to be known as "the rainbow warriors". Although they would be warriors, they would carry with them the spirits of the Ancestors, they would carry the light of knowledge in their heads and love in their hearts, and they would do no harm to any other living thing. The legend said that after a great struggle, using only the force of peace, these rainbow warriors would finally bring an end to the destruction and desecration of Mother Earth and that peace and plenty would then reign through a long, joyous and peaceful golden age here on Mother Earth.”

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