Q'eros Inca: "Pachakuti - Earth's turnover. The Eagle and the Condor shall fly together again"

The Q’eros are the Indigenous peoples from the Eastern side of the Peruvian Andes. They are the direct descendants of the Ancient Incas and the keepers of their Ancestors sacred prophecies. For hundreds of years, the Q’eros Elders have preserved the prophecy of “Pachacuti”, which foretells of a time of great change when Mother Earth will ‘turn over’ in order to restore harmony and end the current era of chaos: it will be the death of the wrong way of thinking and being. Cuban psychologist and anthropologist Alberto Viloldo has studied the shamanic healing practices of the Inca Medicine People for many years. Having spoken with the Q'eros Elders, he writes;

“The last Pachacuti happened five hundred years ago with the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors. Throughout the Americas, the world of the Indian was turned upside down. Kings and chiefs were subjugated and turned into slaves, and barbarians became rulers. Medicine people were tortured in the mines and fields, and rapists began preaching the word of a white god. Order in the Americas was overturned, and replaced with chaos. And with the coming of the European religions, the children of the earth were cast out of the garden. The next Pachacuti, according to the Inkas, has already begun, and the upheaval and chaos characteristic of this period will last another four years. During this time the world will be turned right side up again. The paradigm of European civilization will continue to collapse, and the ways of the Earth peoples will return. The Conquistador will perish by his own hand and his own blade.”

The Q’ero Elders and Shamans are keen to share the prophecies of their Ancestors with the Modern world. As part of their message to the modern world about the prophecy of Pachakuti, which they believe completes on 21 December 2012, they highlight the great opportunities for humanity at this time;

“In this life, we need to share and live in community with no jealousy, no competitions, united, sharing, not only between people, but sharing with the earth and mountains. Incas prophecies talk about PachaKuti. “Pacha” means “earth” and “Kuti” means “turn over, renewal of life”. A new cycle of life is coming to us – according to prophecy this is already happening but it has completion in the 21 December 2012 as the date of when the time its turn over to the new race, the Fifth Sun, a new vibration of the light. This is a Time of tremendous crisis in the world, but as with any crisis it brings opportunity... opportunities to reinvent who we are, to reinvent what world we want to create for our children and our children’s children. The Incas are the keepers of a body of wisdom that brings us the prophecies but also the processes. The processes has to do with the transmissions of the energy that is going to help us align with who we are becoming, the new race that is not just the homo sapiens but the homo luminous and they will bring us the gifts of this transmission of energy that aligns us to the new human that is ‘homo luminous’.”

The upheaval of our way of life will be so turbulent that the Elders speak of “a tear in the fabric of time itself” as modern civilisation collapses. No place on Earth will be safe, however the Elders say that there will be ‘Safe People’. The ancient prophecies also teach that this time of change will see the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South flying together again and there will be a reintegration of the people from the four directions called the ‘mastay’ (the great gathering) and humanity will emerge into a Golden Age of Peace in which people will reconnect with their lost spirituality.

The Q’eros believe that in order for the prophecy foretold by their Ancestors to come into realisation, the Sacred Star Rites known as ‘Mosoq Karpay’ (The Rite of the Time to Come) must be performed by the Medicine People. Through this ceremony, they will transmit the energies of their Ancestors into the beneficiary, thereby planting a seed of knowledge in their Spirit that they alone have the duty to nurture and tend. The Shamans tell us; "Follow your own footsteps. Learn from the rivers, the trees and the rocks. Honour the Christ, the Buddha, your brothers and sisters. Honour the Earth Mother and the Great Spirit. Honour yourself and all of creation."

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