Seneca: "Woman as Sacred and as a Leader of the Earth"

Moses Shongo, a traditional Seneca Medicine Man who died in 1925, foresaw a 25 year period of purification beginning in 1987 and ending in the year 2012. He states that during this time the Earth would completely rid herself of impurities, purge herself of misconceptions and move into an Enlightened state.

Elder Moses Shongo passed on the teachings to his granddaughter, now known as Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, founder and leader of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge, an international organisation that promotes the Native teachings of the Seneca Ancestors. It is now her mission to spread the teachings and help others to understand their connection to the Earth in accordance with the “spirit-ancestors [who] directed their people to reveal these hidden teachings to those of good will who will listen,” (Grandmother Twylah Nitsch).

Many Indigenous Elders have spoken of the ‘time of the Beloved Woman’ (Cherokee), when “Women must find their spirituality first and then bring the men” (Omaha Grandmother) and “for the Women to Walk First..."  (Hawaiian Priestess, Papa Reynolds Kamakawiwoole). Grandmother Twylah has also spoken of the importance of the Woman in this time of change; "The Nations in their wisdom have set aside a woman, as PeaceMaker.  All regard this woman as sacred and as a leader of earth.  As the PeaceMaker comes into her power, she steps forth, little pleased at what she sees in the disturbance.  'Peace!' she cries.  'Where there is grievance, talk, enter responsibly and speak truth.  No more will there be war where life lives."

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