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Anishinaabe-Ojibwe: "The Seven Fires"

Apache: "Returning to Spirit and Sacred Law. The Fifth World of Peace is birthing"

Australian Aboriginal: "The End of the 40,000 year Dreamtime"

Buddhist: "The Coming of Maitreya Buddha"

Cherokee: "The Rattlesnake Prophecy and the Time of the Beloved Woman"

Dogon: "The Return of the Original Visitors"

Hindu: "The Age of many Enlightened Ones"

Hindu: "The Coming of the Great Avatar and the Return of the Golden Age"

Hindu: "The Age of Kali is a store house of impurities and vices"

Hopi: "The Great Purification and the Third Great Shaking"

Hopi: The Blue Star and the Emergence to the Fifth World

Hopi: "Prophecies to be Fulfilled"

Iroquois: "The Great Wind will cleanse the Earth and return it to its original state"

Kogi: "The Earth is decaying and losing its strength because of your greed"

Mayan: "The Return of the Wise Ones and the Uniting of the Eagle and the Condor"

Mayan: "The Incarnated Masters"

Mayan: "The Start of the World of the Fifth Sun"

Maori: "Ka hinga te arai - The curtain will fall"

Pueblo: "The Fifth World and Cleansing of the Earth"

Q'eros Inca: "Pachakuti - Earth's turnover. The Eagle and the Condor shall fly together again"

Quechua: "The Awakening"

Seneca: "Woman as Sacred and as a Leader of the Earth"

Zulu: "The Return of Mu-sho-sho-no-no"


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Inka Prophecies of 2012

Kogi Mamas Warning to Humanity

Kogi Documentary: From the Heart of the World

Hopi Prophecy 2012 (Rare video)


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